The Color Red

Alice(with Kerfuffle): Young and hot-headed. Inexperienced when it comes to life, but never backs down from a challenge.

Kerfuffle: Alices' pet, loyal and protective, follows her around everywhere. But, she doesn't always listen to her.

Jas: Dara's younger brother, quiet and introverted. Hope's to be a pilot someday like his sister.

Tristen: On the brink of adult-hood, Cautious, a thinker. He grew up on a space station. Unfortunately, much of the right side of his body was injured or destroyed in an accident, and had to be artificially repaired.

Duncan: Tristens Uncle, Ship Admiral in the war. Holds high-esteem from his colleagues.

Veryl: Member of the Haven crew, he's a talented and experienced fighter. Keeps to himself though.

Cassie (Cass): Member of the Haven crew and ship Mechanic. Bubbly and silly.

Dara: Member of the Haven crew. The ships spectacular pilot. A real aviation ace. She doesn't always agree with the captains laid back leadership style. She can be rather straitlaced at times. She is very protective of her friends and family.

Coyle: Member of the Haven crew. The ships captain. Takes an easy going laid back approach to commanding when he can, which is never as often as he wants.